School of Sometimes Sculpture
Thomas Whittle

‘I felt like I was going on holiday every Friday…The course was a great way to kick start, get out of a rut and get things moving forward… I would recommend it to anyone who just wants to get back to it after a long break away’
School of Sideways Participant, Summer 2017

What does this course cover?

Friday 5 October – Friday 2 November, 1pm – 4pm (Weeks 1 – 5) Artist Led Workshops
Friday 8 November – Friday 7 December, 10am – 1pm (Week 6 – 10) Studio Time

School of Sideways Sculpture is based around the practices of contemporary artists based in Scotland and this term will be led by Thomas Whittle. The course allows you to develop ideas and test different creative approaches over a period of time with the support of the tutor and peer group.

The first five weeks explore what it is to make objects and how to exhibit them, and investigates the limits of sculpture- the edges of where sculpture blurs into painting, drawing, collage, performance, writing and exhibition making.

Week 1 will begin with a talk and primer for the School looking at Thomas Whittle’s practice and then ways of collaboration making.

Week 2 will be Slide Night- an on going collaboration using 35mm found slides to generate new live works.

Week 3 will focus on making small pocket sized sculptures from various materials.

Week 4 will look at games that artists have developed for themselves and their students to generate new works.

Week 5 will explore ways of showing and displaying work.

There will also be homework such as written texts, films and music that will continue the ideas we have been discussing.

The second half of the course (Weeks 6 – 10 ) allow  you studio time to explore your own creative project with individual weekly meetings with Thomas.

Who will this course be great for?

  • Ideal for anyone interested in developing their own work or is curious in learning more about contemporary art
  • Course gives you time, space and support to develop your own work
  • Materials provided for the first five weeks of the course

Who teaches it?

  • Thomas Whittle
  • Graduated in Fine Art from Newcastle University
  • Artistic practice encompasses photography, drawing, sculpture, performance and writing often bringing these mediums together.
  • Curated a number of exhibitions in Edinburgh and Newcastle
  • Participated in the alternative art education Syllabus programme run by Wysing Arts Centre
  • Has taught on University Fine Art Degree programme