What Will We DoAnna Danielewicz

Saturday 3 December
11:00am – 4:30pm
5 Hours

Workshop is free

Number of places: 8

Prior experience required: None

Tutor: Anna Danielewicz

What will we do, oh dearie me what we will do. In our spare time, at work what will we do. At the workshop, what can we do?

Hey, here is: we will act and we will talk as if we will finally do the things that we are finding it so very hard to find the time to do. The things that don’t pay. The extraneous. Time will be given to focus on the neglected and the leisurely. And from that position we will think about what such activity would make us think about if only we could afford the time to perform it. A set of positions may emerge regarding the how rather than the what.

The workshop will encompass a few people trying to cut through a knot of a problem. A thing which is not convoluted but in fact very simple and yet completely impossible. Within this frame, we will put our heads together and put out some fires. We will unravel, pull together and cut through to the core of the knot. Or we may just will it to come undone. We will see, it is all up for debate.

Each workshop participant will be adorned with a hat that represents an activity they may do – either in this scenario, or intermittently, in life. Through the halo of the hat, we will submerge ourselves in the mindset of our actions and discuss. We may end hi-fiving each other up above our foreheads like upbeat diplomats on an overcast day in 1954.

Taking the busy consciousness as a starting point, we will consider being in the mind of someone swimming, sanding, skiing. Ever hoping for the questionable best. We will look at action not as serving any function but as a position that can contribute a unique insight grounded in lived experience.

At intervals, we will acknowledge italo disco and aubergine-based dishes. At the end of the day, it all comes down to knowing of things through doing other things. So think of it as a roleplay percolated through an hourglass.

Workshop description by the artist

Anna Danielewicz (born in Koszalin, Poland, 1991) has graduated from Intermedia BA at Edinburgh College of Art (2016). She is the recipient of this year’s ECA/ESW Bursary Award. Her recent exhibitions include It’s Hard To Be Down When You’re Up at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh (2016) and Circus Between Worlds at Glasgow International (2016). She has also participated in the travelling residency programme Tanteo (2015). Anna lives and works in Scotland.

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