The Engagement Party
Proudfoot & Piasecka

Saturday 16 December

“Y’know, ‘those who can’t do, teach’? Well, those who can’t wed, plan.”

Mary Fiore, The Wedding Planner

‘The Engagement Party’ celebrates the coming together of two star-cross’d cheats and their six love-labouring weeks côte à côte in Studio 15. To be (or not to be) joined in holy matrimony over their shared interest in Wagnerian ritual, Sex and the City (The Movie), and the discovery of the Las Vegas of Scotland.

Proudfoot and Piasecka invite you to quaff down a ‘champagne’ cocktail, take your aim at an ‘authentic’ love-themed piñata, gather ‘round the anvil (chorus), and meet the ‘priest’ who will forge their love on their forthcoming special day.  They’re wedding in another name but it still smells as sweet.

An art love comes true.

The End.


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