what we heard
EMBASSY & Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose, Daniela Cascella and Holly Pester

13 – 27 February  2016

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop host three of four workshops co-curated by EMBASSY gallery and Sarah Rose.

The series of workshops, what we heard, considers how and what it means to produce collective information and knowledge through the experience of being present together. what we heard will explore the workshop as a speculative and generative site where existing knowledge can be recuperated and new forms of knowledge can be created.

During what we heard each session will challenge conventional notions of productivity and information circulation; examining the workshop as both a space to commune within and as a site for alternative ways of knowing to be encountered and established.

Booking is free, sign up via the Eventbrite links below:

what we heard ≠1: Sarah Rose
rites ites nd vil ongues
Saturday 13 February, 11am – 5pm

what we heard ≠2: Daniela Cascella
‘Perhaps my whisper was born before my lips’
Saturday 20 February, 11am – 5pm

what we heard ≠3: Holly Pester
FanFictional Taxonomies as Radical Research Gesture
Saturday 27 February, 11am – 5pm

what we heard has been kindly supported by Edinburgh College of Art’s Devolved Researcher Fund, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Creative Scotland.

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