Berlin – Edinburgh Exchange

This October and November Edinburgh and Berlin based artists will be exchanging locations, swapping their familiar surroundings for exhibiting, networking and production opportunities in new environments.

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop will welcome three artists from the gallery HilbertRaum for a three week residency and exhibition whilst four members of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop will travel to Berlin to exhibit their work

The exhibition Nova Scotia presents the work of four Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop artists to Berlin audiences. Jessica Harrison, Bernie Reid and Yokollection (Francesca Nobilucci & Alexa Hare) adopt the imagery, materials and methodologies of ceramics, fashion, textiles and design to produce work that simultaneously pays homage to and undermines these disciplines historical basis. Rigourously crafted these objects bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetics, interrogating the hierarchical relationships between fine art, craft and the decorative arts.

With Neukölln Exports, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop hosts three artists from Berlin – Lena von Goedeke (DE), Andy Holtin (USA), and Tobias Sternberg (SE) – for a series of workshops, presentations, and a showcase of their work. Though approaching from very distinct practices, these artists find overlap in a connection to object and material that defines a strong sense of the physical world. All three are members of Hilbert Raum, an independent and artist-run space located in the art-vibrant neighborhood Neukölln.


Jessica Harrison

Working with materials as diverse as porcelain, embroidery, stone and ink, Harrison’s practice explores the mechanics of perception and the fallibility of observation through an examination of the interaction between the visual and the tactile.

Her work seeks to move away from traditional definitions and distinctions between bodily spaces, looking towards a mingling of skin and space, body and world, to propose alternative re-imaginings of the body, using the simplicity of materials to explore the complexity of the sensory body.


Bernie Reid

 Reid had been painting stencils around the streets of his home town of Edinburgh since 1998 and after completing various commissions this developed into a ten year stint as an illustrator

To reinvigorate his love of art he applied to art school. Graduating in 2011 from Edinburgh College of Art in Painting, Reid has had a number of group and solo shows and his practice includes painting, drawing, sculpture and the occasional stencil.

In 2007 Reid with designer Beca Lipscombe and fine artist Lucy McKenzie formed Atelier E.B. An art based interiors company with an intention from the beginning to bring fine art criticality to the realm of commercial design and, by extension, to incorporate the expertise and pragmatism of the applied arts into the creation of art and exhibitions. Reids main contribution is his stencil and aerosol expertise and has specialized in painted trompe l’oeil rugs applied directly to floors.



Yokollection is the name under which the artists Alexa Hare and Francesca Nobilucci collaborate.

Yokollection make one off digitally printed silk scarves as well as other garments and objects. The works are loaned to others (artists and other groups within communities) to wear at events, we then encourage people to activate the scarves or objects by documenting themselves and to then send the images back to Yokollection or post to social media sites. Works to date include commissioned scarves, haute couture dresses, tarot cards, skateboards, male leotards, swimwear with towel accessories and fashion advertising campaigns. This collaboration plays out via call and response collage making, employing both traditional and digital collage but also cut and paste techniques.

Yokollection is a platform for experimentation. Appropriating the methodologies and language of fashion and product design we attempt to explore and question the concept of fetishization and commodification manufacturing very limited series of garments and prototypes.



Andy Holtin

Andy Holtin received his MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Sculpture and Exended Media program. His current work and research focuses on the exploration of cognitive processes through the development of and interaction with performative objects in a form of sculptural theater. Using systems ranging from simple machines to interactive robotics, his works orchestrate events that ask us to scrutinize cause and effect and our assumptions about the objects and materials of our culture.

Holtin currently works as half of the collaborative duo CausalityLabs, pursuing projects that explore mechanism as metaphor for human experience and perception. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States and internationally. Holtin is an Associate Professor of sculpture at American University in Washington, DC, addressing traditional media as well as installation formats, kinetic and interactive systems, and digital audio and video.


Len von Goedeke

Lena von Gödeke, born in 1983 in Duisburg, creates artworks with a polymorphous and fragile aesthetic based on her passion for architecture, world models and alternative universes.

The result are paper cuts, drawings, and objects in which traditional techniques combine with contemporary approaches. Scientific and digital sources of inspiration bond here to create her pictorial idiom, which she encodes in seemingly familiar landscapes and waste stone deserts.

She consistently teases the potential out of materials from Classicism to Modernism, Carrara marble, sheet copper, natural wood, compact panels, packaging card – once again to create unverses, architectures, models of the world.


Tobias Sternberg

Tobias Sternberg is a multidisciplinary visual artist who for the last decade has been active in the European art scene. His prolific output spans installation, sculpture, video, collage, and performance, all approached from the dual perspective of a sculptor and a storyteller. Breaking with traditional art market demands to stick with an easily recognizable style, Tobias Sternberg defines himself by the core interests of his practice rather than its visual surface. At the heart of his projects lies an insatiable curiosity of life pared with the desire to communicate this to an audience. An absurdly dark humour, a hands-on approach to making, skilful execution, and fragility combined with bravado often marks his work.



HilberRaum is an independent, non-commercial, artist-run project space. It opened in January 2015 in the middle of Reuterkiez in Berlin-Neukölln. Behind Hilbert space is a group of 16 Berlin-based artists, who take turns curating and organizing two-week exhibitions Throughout The Entire year. Projects incorporate a broad range of painting, photography, sculpture, video, installation and performance. Hilbert space is named after the infinitely dimensioned Hilbert space, a concept developed by the mathematician David Hilbert. To us, it darstellt an open, undetermined and evolving structure of self-organization with the expectation of the unexpected. Hilbert space is an independent, non-profit, driven by artists project space. It opened in January 2015 in the midst of Reuter Kiez in Berlin-Neukölln.About every two weeks is distributed the year opened a new exhibition, alternating the 16 artists in their curatorial direction. Shown is a wide range of painting, photography, sculpture, video, installation and performance. Hilbert space is named after the infinitely dimensioned Hilbert space, a concept of the mathematician David Hilbert. It represents for us an open, non-fixed and evolving structure of the self-organization can expect the unexpected.Current members / current members Juan Arata, Feriel Bendjama, David Benforado, Eli Cornejo, Ellen DeElaine, Mathias German, Kuno Ebert , Niina Lehtonen Braun, Sandra Schlipkoeter, Tobias Sternberg, Nat Tafelmacher magnate, Hannah van Ginkel, Lena from Gödeke, Daniel Wiesenfeld, Clemens Wilhelm. former members / former members Howard Katz, Sandra Setzkorn, Yoann Trellu