ESW and Edinburgh Art Festival 2019

25 July – 25 August 2019

ESW is delighted to announce that it will be part of the 2019 Edinburgh Art Festival, and present work by Caroline Achaintre, Adam Benmakhlouf and Lucy Wayman.

Caroline Achaintre

ESW have invited Caroline Achaintre to make new work for the large, central Courtyard space. Achaintre is known for her sculptures in ceramic and metal as well as her drawings, prints, watercolours and fabric pieces in the form of tufted rugs. For the project this summer, Achaintre’s outdoor sculptures, made from constructed and cast metal as well as elements of ceramic, will be an extension of her drawings of multipersonalities. The imaginative co-existence within one object-body, and a deftness in use of materials will create a perception of fluidity despite the rigid constituent parts.

Achaintre’s work brings together abstraction, figuration, humour and materiality. She often integrates small sculptures within larger support structures, called ‘display furniture’, and within whole exhibition schemes.

Caroline Achaintre was born in France, grew up in Germany and lives in London. She studied at Kunsthochschule in Halle/Saale, Germany, where she now works, and then at Chelsea College of Art & Design and Goldsmiths College in London.

Adam Benmakhlouf

Adam Benmakhlouf has been commissioned to make a sound work for ESW’s beacon tower. This new work will draw on Benmakhlouf’s knowledge and experience of ESW’s building and surrounding environment as well as the principals of its experimental Schools Programme on which he’s been an assistant for two-years. The work will be a collage of field recordings, and accumulated audio and music, gathered in a structure that echoes ESW’s unique building and reflects the ethos through which primary school pupils are introduced to contemporary art’s ideas and processes.

It will embody the planning, spontaneity and responsiveness demanded of the context and participants. The work will be installed in the beacon tower, an iconic landmark which completes ESW’s open courtyard. Influenced by signalling towers and factory cooling vents, the beacon tower is visible from the heights of the city centre.

Lucy Wayman

Lucy Wayman has been commissioned to create a new public sculpture for the cycle path close to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, connecting Newhaven to Edinburgh City Centre. Wayman’s practice makes use of craft techniques, such as weaving, knotting and macramé, but at scale and with a dynamism that surprises. The work, created from marine rope, follows Wayman’s interest in the industrial and historic uses of rope, connecting ideas of system, control and release. Her approach to making mirrors the repetitive, industrial processes that originally produced the materials, but produces objects that are recognisable from the domestic realm. Her work revolves around material constraints, contrasts, and forms. The project will be accompanied by a number of events.

This is her first major outdoor commission and is supported by ESW’s partner Sustrans, through their ArtRoots programme.

Lucy Wayman was selected for this commission from an open call to all of ESW’s members. Wayman has had a Graduate Studio at ESW since 2017 and has also been part of ESW Technical Academy since 2018, a year long training scheme for artists who want to gain experience as workshop technicians.

Image: Adam Benmakhlouf ‘Side Effects – 28 Days of Pep’