Rosalia Kancir Placement Report

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop has always been talked of positively to me. My friends would tell me stories of the different activities they did when they came here with their primary schools. Although I was not able to take art as a subject in school, I still pursue it at home in my spare time and after school clubs. However, this can only offer a limited variety of mediums to work with. As an S4 student in Trinity Academy with a great interest in art, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop seemed like the perfect place to discover and develop new knowledge and skills.

I did wonder what I was going to do here but i didn’t have to worry as the amazing staff here have not let me sit in boredom.  Everything started off with a tour of the building. The grey doors gave me a fear of getting lost and ironically I got assigned a project to design direction signs which would be put around the place for new visitors such as myself.  The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop became my playground and colourful sticky notes could be placed where I wanted them to be – even if it looked horrendous.

On Tuesdays and Thursday, P5 children from Victoria and Trinity primary schools come in to work with Debi and Adam. I got to shadow Debi and help her out with anything that had to be done. Setting up the projector, handing out paper to the children and putting tables away seem like very boring jobs but I happily did it and it was worth seeing the smile on the children’s faces as they left in eagerness to come back next week.

Stephanie Mann is an artist who I met during my stay. She’s very talented and I got to help her out on some preparations for some prints she was to do later on in the week.  To do this I was introduced to the imaging software Photoshop for the first time and learned how to separate the layers of the collage images which she had created. I learnt the process of printing with her amazing explanation and representations in her drawings. One thing from my work here is that I got to learn peoples stories and why they are doing what they are doing. Everyone is very passionate and interested in what they do which is what makes ESW such a wonderful and positive place to be. Everyone I worked with are very helpful and kind. With only about 5 staff members working a day, they really show the importance of partnership, communication and coffee to keep ESW running.

As my week came to an end, my project did too. The work I’ve done will hopefully  go on to further develop and finalise future decisions of the signs. I presented what I did to staff members, being less shy and more confident to when I had began on Monday. My week has been an experience which I shall never forget.