Say Something: British Art Medal Society Project

This month sees the launch of the British Art Medal Society bronze medal making project Say Something:  Make a Modern Art Medal.

Over two weeks Kate Ive will be working with artists Duncan Robertson, Samantha Boyes, Doug Mackie, Ross Robertson, Chrissie Heughan, Hans K Clausen, Daniel Killeen and Karen Akester  to create bronze medals using the ceramic shell and lost wax mould making processes.

During the workshop the selected artists will experiment with the two sided nature of this medium while expressing ideas that can range from the personal to the political or the poetic, in abstract or representational form. The artists seen discussing their initial ideas with Kate will be exploring themes as diverse as 17th Century Jacobean medals, island landscapes,abandoned architecture and the cultural and personal significance of artefacts.

Generous sponsorship from the British Art Medal Society and the Goldsmith’s Company is enabling Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop to offer teaching, casting, finishing and patination instruction as part of this project.

To learn more about the modern medal go to the British Art Medal Society website