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SAY SOMETHING:  Make a Modern Art Medal

Deadline: 31 May 2018

The medal – an art form that goes back to the Renaissance – can be a powerful medium for expression in contemporary art.  Supported by the British Art Medal Society and the Goldsmiths’ Company, a bronze medal casting workshop will be held at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and led by the award-winning artist Kate Ive. The workshop will offer the opportunity to experiment with the two-sided nature of this medium while expressing ideas that can range from the personal to the political or the poetic, in abstract or representational form.

There are parameters to the medal, within which there is freedom to say anything.  The medal is a two-sided work in relief, with an edge; its weight should not exceed half a kilo; it should fit comfortably in the hand. Together, the two sides and the edge can create a narrative, combine to make a statement or complete an idea.  This is an excellent opportunity for artists to focus closely on form and function and to have fun with a medium that has captured the imagination of makers and collectors the world over.

The medal workshop is aimed at practicing artists who have not made medals before, and places are limited to eight participants.  Therefore we are asking for proposals from professional artists that demonstrate a commitment to the aims of the project and that clearly define how this new experience will add to their artistic practice.

Due to generous sponsorship, there will only be a minimal charge for the workshop of £50.  This will enable Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop to offer teaching, casting, finishing and patination instruction. In addition, some medals will be selected for the British Art Medal Society annual Student Medal Project exhibition in 2019 and participants will have an entry in the catalogue.

Project Launch

Deadline: 31 May 2018

This project will be launched by Marcy Leavitt Bourne, Director of the British Art Medal Society Student Medal Project, writer and art historian, and Sir Mark Jones, owner of Golden Hare Books and Chair of Hospitalfields. Sir Mark Jones was curator of medals at the British Museum and Director of the National Museum of Scotland and the V&A.

This is a wonderful opportunity to find out more about the project and medal making in general and the illustrated launch talk is open to all. Along with other examples the talk will discuss medals by Bill Scott which will be on view during the launch. Artists interested in applying to the project can download application forms from Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s website.

The workshop will run over two consecutive weekends in November: 17th and 18th and the  24th and 25th.

Download Application Form here

Deadline: 31 May 2018

To learn more about the modern medal, and see examples of contemporary work by British and other artists, go to the BAMS website:  Click on the section headed ‘Learning’, and at the bottom of that page click on the link to ‘an illustrated introduction’, which will take you to a PowerPoint slide show.

You can also find this slide show by going to and searching for British Art Medal Society.  Click on the video called PowerPoint Medal Slide Show, with the name Marcy Leavitt Bourne.  There you will find other interesting videos about casting medals.

Edinburgh Workshops Medals PowerPoint



Martin Page, We Create Tools, 2015 

Niko de Wit, Facet Medal, 2012-13

All Photography: Stephen Dodd, British Museum