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Material Constructs – An Introduction to Sculpture with Gordon Munro

Dates  Wednesdays, 26 April – 14 June
Times 10am – 1pm
10am-4pm (14 June) 
Price £285 (£256.50) 

Over this eight-week course you will be introduced to materials and processes relating to aspects of contemporary sculpture practice and examine how these can be incorporated into a variety of approaches to making art in three dimensions. The course will reference current sculptural practice and encourage a personal approach from each person. You will explore a range of techniques and then resolve one or more works to be presented and discussed in the final week.  



Over eight weeks you will test various sculptural materials, processes and techniques including:  

  • An introduction to working with plaster, one of the most versatile materials available to sculptors. 
  • Construction using glue guns and pop rivets, creating and joining various materials and forms including found objects. 
  • Mouldmaking and multiples: you will learn how to make a ‘yoghurt pot’ silicone mould opening up the possibilities of working in multiples and casting in a variety of materials including wax, chocolate and pewter. 

Using these processes and techniques as a basis you will have time to explore these further to find your own direction and individual approaches to work with support from the tutor. The final session will be a full day and will culminate in a sharing and discussion of finished work with the group.  

This course is ideal for anyone interested in developing their own work or is curious about learning more about contemporary sculpture. Suitable for beginners or those with more experience.   

Gordon Munro is an artist and lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art, the University of Edinburgh, with a particular interest in material, process and the life of objects. Over the last ten years he has investigated the creative potential of iron exhibiting widely including venues in London, Germany and most recently, in 2022, curated the exhibition IRON: Translating Territories at the Royal Scottish Academy. 

Courses are subject to minimum enrolment, so please book as soon as possible, to reduce the likelihood of course cancellation. 

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