Aniela Piasecka & Paloma Proudfoot

6 November 2017 – 5 January 2018

We are delighted to welcome Aniela Piasecka & Paloma Proudfoot to this year’s Micro Residency Programme. The pair will spend the next six weeks at ESW, developing her work.

Proudfoot and Piasecka’s work takes the form of role play, hybridising cliché to reveal the absurdity of real life’s everyday performances. Movement serves to create, complete, or damage sculptural installations. Mundane tasks such as cooking, dressing, and shaving merge with melodramatic fantasy, revealing a ritualistic eroticism. Both bodies and objects are taken beyond the seductive and wilfully pushed to the point of volatility and destruction. Perfection is interrupted but not entirely broken; both bodies and objects are still aspiring, just purposefully falling slightly short.

Paloma Proudfoot lives and works in London. As well as her solo sculptural practice, Proudfoot works in collaboration with artist and choreographer Aniela Piasecka, with whom she is co-director of performance group Stasis.

Aniela Piasecka lives in Glasgow and works between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Piasecka’s practice is choreographic and often collaborative. She works with sculptor Paloma Proudfoot under Proudfoot and Piasecka and as co-director of Stasis as well as with other visual artists, dancers and musicians.

Recent collaborative works include ‘belittle’, Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall, London (2017); ‘Letters’, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2017); ‘Made To Be Broken’, Edinburgh International Art Festival (2016); and ‘The Jockey’, originally made at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (2015), also shown at Bloc Projects, Sheffield; Union Club Studios, London; and Buzzcut Festival, Glasgow (all 2016).

Micro Residencies

The Micro Residency programme is an annual open-submission residency opportunity for artists. It is primarily research based and is set up to foster experimentation, innovation and to support artists in the development of new work. Four six-week residencies are selected by a panel of invited arts professionals.

Selected artists receive:

  • £1,000 stipend
  • Studio
  • Accommodation
  • Support from the technical team
  • Support from the programme team
  • Access to all workshops / equipment / available spaces
  • 1 year’s Membership of ESW