Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop Styleguide

Font Family

Ropa Sans

Typographical Hierarchy

All Headings are set in uppercase text

Heading 1

Font Size: 50px

Heading 2

Font Size: 32px

Heading 3

Font Size: 26px

Heading 4

Font Size: 24px
Heading 5
Font Size: 18px

Alternative Heading Styles

A section title

Section Title

A title with support copy

Widget Title

What's on section heading with support copy

Introductions and Paragraph Text

Introductory paragraph


The highlighted support copy is slightly larger in font size to add weight and importance to the opening paragraph.

Bordered heading and paragraph


The support copy for a paragraph callout will also contain a black left border to add importance.

Headline, support copy and call to action


Support copy

Call to Action
Support copy within a post

The main content within a post will take on a more subtle approach as a contrast to the bold titles.

Colour Pallete

Black #000000
White #ffffff
Blue #00B2DB
Pink #B70F71
Green #C7DD00
Orange #FF826D
Yellow #F0DF2E
Red #E7393E
Brown #A9998D
Grey Text #767676