Jan Pimblett: Hybrids

Opening Event: Friday 12 July 6-8 pm

Exhibition Runs: 12 July – 6 October 2024

Hawthornvale Space

Viewable 7 am – 7 pm Daily from the street.

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is excited to present Hybrids and new public commission by Jan Pimblett for the Hawthornvale Space.

The installation presents a gathering of curiosities, strange beings, potent totems and artefacts. Hybrid creatures that highlight the ambivalence of boundaries and critique our assumptions of purity, marginality and identity. The installation transforms a collection of isolated, freakish specimens into a narrative of otherness that emphasises the problematic nature of cultural boundaries. Through a ritual process of making, remaking and transforming these works challenge the meanings imposed on them by others. They are commodities of difference in the process of transition. The viewer experiences an uncomfortable sense of being observed and assessed by the strange inhabitants behind the glass who briefly experience life before returning to a state of shapeless matter.

A film by Dianne Barry of the process of the production of Hybrids. Spoken word written and read by Stella Duffy.

Jan Pimblett

Jan Pimblett creates dynamic relationships between found objects, both organic and manufactured. The tension between materiality, colour, texture and forms is used to explore memory, place and lived experience, evoking new ways of looking at the past and experiencing the present. The work is impermanent. It is deconstructed and cannibalised to form new pieces. Once works are dismantled, they can never re-appear. In each work, the physical expression of ideas already tells an impending ghost story.    A recent graduate of Middlesex University’s MA in Fine Art, Jan developed her practice through adult classes and a part time Foundation at the Mary Ward Centre, London (2012-2019). She is also a member of the Fankle Art Collective.

Image Credits

Top: Bird Bones, J. Pimblett, 2024, image credit, Dianne Barry

Above: Relic of the State – arm, J. Pimblett, 2024, image credit, Dianne Barry

Hawthornvale Programme

The Hawthornvale Programme is conceived as an ongoing programme of temporary public artworks, that reaches a broad audience, providing the members of the public with an unexpected encounter with contemporary art. This year’s programme has been generously supported by The Idlewild Trust.