Re-Produce workshops with Mhairi Maxwell

Friday 16 and Saturday 17 September
10am – 3pm 

Mhairi Maxwell, Researcher at the Digital Design Studio, Glasgow School of Art will lead two photogrammetry workshops at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Photogrammetry is an inclusive digital documentation technology based on the principles of photography which will create an exact scaled three-dimensional replica of an object or site.

For the first workshop participants will be invited to bring any mementos, photographs and anecdotes relating to your local history. These will be used in a discussion to explore what places are significant to you and why. Then as a group you will capture data in the field using the technique of photogrammetry. This material will then be processed into models and visualisations during the second workshop. Every participant will get a downloadable copy of each other’s 3D models, and at a later date will be able to return to ESW to pick up a 3D print of the models (where appropriate). Additionally all completed 3D visuals and models will be published and shared online at

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Free Public Event

Download the file to 3-D print Kenny Hunter’s artwork, Migration of the Aura (Endless Edition), 2016.