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Follow the Grain Woodcarving Summer School with Teresa Hunyadi 2024

Dates 16 – 19 July 2024 
Time 10am – 4pm
10am – 5pm (Friday 19 July)
Price £330 (£297) 

This four-day summer school will introduce you to a wide range of wood carving techniques, giving you the confidence to work with various hand tools, as well as the use of axes and saws to prepare wood for carving.

Suitable for beginners and those with carving experience too. Carving projects are guided towards your physical abilities.



You will learn how to use and maintain carving tools while transforming a piece of local timber into a 3D carving. Alongside, this you will gain a deeper understanding of wood as a living material, getting to know the properties and characteristics of different species of wood.

Every carving starts with a unique piece of wood. Participants are encouraged to bring one that speaks to them (from branch to log to a piece of firewood, all welcome). A good selection of timber will also be available on site.

The course includes:

  • Information and knowledge regarding types of grain, heartwood, sapwood, as well as sourcing, drying and treating processes.
  • Tips and tricks to think and carve in 3D.
  • Discussion of a wide selection of contemporary and ancient carving examples.
  • Guidance on tool maintenance and sharpening.

This course would be of interest to beginners and advanced carvers with a curiosity about trees, woodwork and hands-on carving techniques.

While supporting projects that are suitable for your needs and abilities, please note that this course can be physically demanding for your body, potentially resulting in blisters and sore muscles. The course is set up with warm up exercises and varied explorations to support a mindful relationship to your body and to keep it fun whatever direction it takes.

About this course, people said: ‘Teresa had a lot of knowledge and it was great to learn. Tree identification, how to properly sharpen my chisels’

‘I enjoyed all of it. Great from start to finish. There was plenty of creative freedom but Teresa was there to guide you. Learnt so many other skills and just general knowledge. I usually feel a little out of place in situations and workspaces like this but it was so relaxed and I felt really confident and comfortable.’

Teresa Hunyadi is a wood sculptor with a strong emphasis on sustainability. She studied wood carving at universities in Austria and Japan and teaches at universities in Scotland and The Netherlands. Her work includes representational and abstract elements, predominantly created with hand tools in wood, valuing each piece for its own character as a living material.

Courses are subject to minimum enrolment, so please book as soon as possible to reduce the likelihood of course cancellation.