Work on paper showing a white mound with objects and elements sticking out on a grey coloured background, identifiable elements include: a tuft of grass and a wooden stump

Reach Scotland Residencies Now Open for Application until 30 May 2021

Reach Scotland Residencies
Deadline for applications: 30 May 2021 @ 5.00 pm


ESW Schools Programme

Take a look at some of the work made by the Primary 5s from Victoria Primary School at the end of 2020.

Ice figures interlinked over window with sea and sky blurred in the background

ESW/ECA Graduate Residents 2021

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is excited to announce that the artists selected to be our 2021 Graduate Residents are Nick Jüsi, Cal McCormack, Victoria Smith and Ella Wragg.

Handwritten notes on a sheet of white paper, written to capture a discussion. Excerpts include Food, insulting, being seen, come dine, critical awareness, emotion, gender, recognise, social media, transgenerational, why is food created, colorist, emocentric, black mothers always, pasta

Ceramic Sculpture Bursary Cohort

Donata Kiaunytė, Khadea Kuchenmeister and Paul McAuley selected for our new programme, led by Charlotte Barker.

Tall brick tower with large open window viewing into angular interior concrete space

Beacon Tower Commission – Call for Applications

Create a sound work for our buildings.
Deadline: 31 January 2021.
Number of Places: 2

Poster depicting centred image of bust of young boy in silver metal, framed within portrait hoardings, text heading on the poster is Reproduction! Kenny Hunter

A Billboard for Newhaven

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop invites applications from Members for poster artworks for the hoardings at the top of Hawthornvale.

View of welding area with associated equipment.

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop – Re-introduction of Activities

ESW is adapting to the current guidance and statistics in relation to COVID-19. In July both new and existing ESW Members can book for workshop access and inductions.

Two buff coloured stoneware pots connected by a handle between the bases of each spout and a section at the bottom of each pot. Across the bottom half of the pots is a tideline made up of waves in blue

Ceramic Sculpture Bursary – call for applications

Join our new Ceramics Sculpture Programme.
Deadline: 30 December 2020.
Number of Places: 3.

Artist Paul McAuley in a workshop holds up a bronze cast head that has remnants of sand, a smaller bronze head sits on the table in the foreground

AGM and Activity during Summer and Autumn 2020

See info about our recent AGM and images celebrating activity within ESW communities.

Black and white video still of a performance where the artist falls to the ground several times, with repeated mosaics displaying the falls sequenced differently

ESW Welcomes New Board Members

Irineu Destourelles, Giulia Gentili and Sekai Machache join the organisation as voluntary trustees in November 2020.

In white block capital letter the word dissonance is seen on a flecked rainbow coloured background

Hawthornvale Space: Selected Artists

We are thrilled to announce that the artists selected for the Hawthornvale Exhibition Programme are Jonathan Elders and Alice Betts & Juliana Capes.

In the centre of the room two ceramic plates sit on a long white rectangular plinth alongside a black speaker on its side, two wall mounted screens, one encompassed by a black circle painted on the wall, show video work on the right, there are wall mounted ceramic works on the left

ESW/ECA Graduate Residencies 2020

The deadline for this opportunity has now passed. Applicants will be informed about the outcome of the selection process on Monday 14 December.