Leevi Lehtinen

Thursday 4 December 2014, 6pm

Join us to hear Finnish artist Leevi Lehtinen talk about his work and present a screening of Finnish Collective Muu’s, Performance Voyage 4 video art collection.

Leevi Lehtinen is Finnish animation film-maker and media artist. He has studied animation in Finland, Slovakia, and in the Netherlands. His passion is to combine traditional animation art with other art disciplines, and to find new audiences and platforms for his work. Since 2002 his films have been screened at more than 80 film festivals, in 36 countries, on five continents, of which he has won five awards and received two honorary awards.

Leevi has also created interactive media and animation art for several dance and theatre performances that have been performed in eight countries around Europe as well as in the South Korea. Currently he is working on animation installations that have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in Finland and in Germany.

MUU is an artist run, Finnish interdisciplinary artist association, founded in 1987 to represent and promote new and experimental forms of art. These are such as media art, performance, video, environmental, space and conceptual art, sound and other experimental modes of cultural production. The aims of Muu are to develop the collaboration and interchange of artists working within different fields, to produce projects, events, seminars and exhibitions of the Muu (“the Other”) art fields and to arouse cultural political discussion. Muu operates with Finnish and international cultural and educational organizations.