Performance as Publishing Ruth & Nicole

Saturday 15 March 2014

Join us for a talk by Ruth Beale and Nicole Bachmann. The artists will introduce Performance as Publishing a collective project they have worked on together since 2011.

It is an independent practice-based research project that explores, through their own and other artists’ work, the relationship between the written word (archival material, found texts, fiction and art writing) and exhibitionmaking, audio and performance. Many of the artists invited deal directly with the subject of text and language, whilst others use it more formally to explore different thematic concerns.

Ruth and Nicole will talk about the events, exhibitions and publications they have produced as Performance as Publishing, including ‘Words to be Spoken Aloud’ at Turner Contemporary, Margate, ‘From script to reading to exhibition to performance to print’ at Rowing, London, and events at South London Gallery, Kunsthalle Basel and the Het Veem Theater Amsterdam. They will describe the specific strain of practice they are trying to define through their ‘non-curatorial’ approach to working with other artists.

Nicole Bachmann is a Swiss artist based in London. Her work is text-based and manifests in different configurations as moments in an ongoing process. In addition to performances and installations for Performance as Publishing, Bachamnn’s recent shows include, ‘Disappearing into One’ at the Zabludowicz Collection and ‘Landmark Seizures’ at Aid & Abet, Cambridge. She has been selected for the 2014 Swiss Art Award exhibition.

Ruth Beale is an artist based in London. She employs collaborative and discursive processes means to explore the relationships between culture, governance, social discourse and representation.

Recent exhibitions include
‘Bookbed’ at Peckham Platform, London, ‘Lindgren & Langlois: The Archive Paradox’ at Grand Union, Birmingham, ‘On the desperate and long-neglected need for small events’ at LGP, Coventry and ‘Now I Gotta Reason’ at Jerwood Space, London.