In Touch Tours 2019

In Touch Tours

In Touch Tours is an artist-led project, initiated by Teresa Hunyadi and Lynn Cowan, who arrange exhibitions of sculpture at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, curated and installed specifically to be experienced by touch, and presented for blind, partially sighted and sighted visitors.  Carefully selected works are installed in a layout that allows self navigation with light-touch guidance, and information and labels provided in braille as well as print.

Hand Held
Friday 10 & Saturday 11 May 2019
The first exhibition of 2019, this event was dedicated to sculptures made out of metal, with works by exhibiting artists: Kate Ive, Bethany Marett, Gordon Munro and Maja Quille. Cast metal works in bronze, iron and pewter were presented on a central circular table on cushioned bases, and were all available to lift and handle. Additionally, a wax and mould of Maja Quille’s work was shown on a separate table, giving an insight into the stages of the metal casting process.


Friday 4 and Saturday 5 October 2019
For the second of the year’s events, the focus moved to sculptures made out of ceramic, with exhibiting artists: Annie Campbell, Pablo C Delgado, Jenny Pope, Hans K Clausen, Kjersti Sletteland. Works shown were in porcelain, both glazed and unglazed, stoneware and terracotta, and a work in progress in buff clay that was still wet, with visitors encouraged to make their own impressions on the surface.

This event was made possible thanks to the generous funding received through the City of Edinburgh Council’s Culture Project Fund – Promoting Access, in partnership with the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.