AGM and Activity during Summer and Autumn 2020

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s AGM took place on 22 October 2020 online. Many thanks to all those who attended and were part of the discussion. You can read the draft minutes here.

During the AGM Board and Team Members discussed the past and forthcoming years including giving a Situation Report in respect to the ongoing pandemic situation. Despite such troubling times were were able to give insight into the activities which have been able to take place for ESW’s communities, including our online communications, advocacy for the sector, ESWMondayMember features, production and learning in our workshops and through a small amount of courses and training, partnership working, residencies and exhibitions in our street view gallery the Hawthornvale Space.

The images below celebrate some of this activity.

Each row left then right:

Paul McAuley cleaning up a cast; Andrea Geile unloading her steel components.

Participants in the Pilot Stone Carving course with Alex Lopez using the newly configured Courtyard Bays, the stone stores are shown on the shelving to the rear, boosted by a contribution from Bill Scott’s studio by his wife Phyl Scott; one of the last distanced meetings with Wiyoga Muhurdanto, our Indonesian Funded Resident who was at ESW from February and throughout the lockdown period until July before he and his family could fly home.

Teresa Hunyadi working in the Courtyard Bays on wood carving project; bubble Oisin Gallagher and Eleanor McCullough working in the Casting area which opens onto the Covered Yard.

Clovehitch, Lucy Wayman’s sculpture on the Hawthornvale path taken by Cosmo Blake our partner at Sustrans; Paulina Sandberg working at the Covered Yard Assembly Bench on a mould.

Foundry pour using our new sand box where the moulds are held within a supportive bed of sand; Stephen Murray and Reach Scotland Resident Sebastian Thomas preparing sand moulds for the pour.

Our partner Multi Cultural Family Base tweeting about their outside activity here at ESW; Johnathan Elder’s work featuring in our regular #ESWMondayMember series on social media.

Artist Paul McAuley in a workshop holds up a bronze cast head that has remnants of sand, a smaller bronze head sits on the table in the foreground
Artist Andrea Geile sitting in the boot of a car in a carpark, two rolled lengths of corten steel sheet sit on the ground in the foreground
Five artists working outside with stone on bunkers, a grey concrete pillar between them
Portrait of Wiyoga Muhurdanto
Two artists working in individual bays, one working on a wood carving project with tree trunks visible and the other working on a casting project with moulds visible on work bench
Two artists in conversation, sit at a large white work table, making plaster jackets for mould making
View onto cycle path with a cyclist moving underneath a macrame artwork made from ropes and knots installed at height between two trees
Artist Paulina Sandberg wearing P3 mask is standing on the left side of a large work table working on plaster mould jackets, there are larger moulds sitting on the other side of the table
Three people are working around a sand pit, two are placing sand on top of moulds that are sitting in the pit, there is a blower and furnace in the foreground with a flame visible between them
Technician Stephen Murray and artist Sebastian Thomas are on either side of a large white table, the tabletop is filled with two part sand moulds
Screenshot of a tweet showing gardening activity in a carpark and a group seated around a table in an outdoor space
Screenshot of a tweet showing two angles of a shark constructed from keyboards and other electrical waste