Emma Hislop: Graduate Research Award

Following her selection at New Contemporaries, Royal Scottish Academy Emma Hislop will be in residence at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop for the next three months. Emma will be working on new work and establishing herself in her new home city of Edinburgh.

Hislop is a multi-disciplinary artist who focuses on skills in metalwork, scientific glassblowing and acts as an amateur meteorologist. Research surrounds deep ecology, phenomenology, alchemy, mysticism and current biomedical research. She graduated from Sculpture & Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art in 2019 and is part of the metalwork collective Slaghammers.

You can read more about Hislop’s work on her website.

Images: Emma Hislop, Ecologus, RSA New Contemporaries, 2020. Photo: Julie Howden; Viridescent Epiphyte, The Briggait, Glasgow, 2019-20.

Floor level view of scientific glass apparatus, consisting of tall containers and beakers filled with varying levels of water. There are frosted pipes connecting the apparatus and they sit in a shallow water with rusted tones, set against a metal rod grid
Birds eye view of water and a mound of moss in a shallow tray, there is a cluster of bubbles coming from a frosted pipe submerged in the water
Birds eye view of a shallow tray of water with a stack of rocks and moss. A frosted pipe weaves through the water-rocks-moss and there is a cluster of bubbles coming from the end of pipe submerged in the water. There are more rocks and scientific glass apparatus scattered around the tray