Yuske Taninaka: REACH Scotland Resident 2024

Welcome to Yuske Taninaka, the first of this year’s REACH Scotland Residents.

During his residency Taninaka will be experimenting with the casting of bronze and aluminum materials with the aim of exploring the potential of incorporating paper molds into this process to achieve unique sculptural outcomes.

Yuske Taninaka is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist born in Osaka in 1988, with a background in sculpture and dance. He has an MA in Solo/Dance/Authorship (SODA) from HZT Berlin and an MFA in Sculpture from Kyoto City University of Arts. He has participated in various residencies and educational programs, such as Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and The Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles. After his brother’s accident that left him almost fully paralyzed, he became interested in the social context of disability and regenerative medicine, and experimented with different materials and bodies. During the Reach Scotland Residency, he plans to research regenerative medicine in disabled and cosmetic care, and how these regenerative liquids interact with different metals.

You can find out more about Yuske Taninaka’s work here


Over the next 4 months we will host four talented artists over the coming year for our REACH Scotland Residency programme. Anna Macleod, Molly Mae Whawell, Monique Tippett, and Yusuke Taninaka will be in residence between May and August 2024 developing new work and their creative ideas. We are excited to see what they will create.

The programme is tailored around artists who are working on a funded project which requires either the production of final work or a concerted period of research and development.

The Reach Scotland programme allows artists to access our spaces and facilities at a time and for a period suitable to them.  Artists are encouraged to connect with our studio community, will benefit from 24 hour access to a studio and have the opportunity for training and skills development in our specialist workshops which include wood, metal, metal foundry and ceramics.

Reach Scotland Residencies include studio, accommodation, access to workspaces and training, all offered at a subsidised cost and at a time that it is needed for each individual artist’s project.