Exter Resident – Ivan Svitlychnyi

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is delighted to welcome our new resident Ivan Svitlychnyi to Scotland. Ivan is the first of two artists that ESW will host as a partner in the EXTER programme, an international residency programme organised by the Ukrainian Institute. Ivan will spend four weeks at ESW researching new work and making connections with artists and organisations across the country.

Ivan Svitlychnyi’s research focuses on art as a key tool in shaping social thinking and its ability to offer not only a unique experience, but also as a language with the potential to communicate universal messages and ideas. His work seeks an active dialogue with the viewer. The form of this dialogue prescribes the choice of media: from classic materials — metal, wood, stone, to new ones — video, sound, digital, programming and dictates the work’s final form, virtual environments, audio-sculpture, websites, sculpture, performance and installation.


Ivan Svitlychnyi was born in 1988 in Kharkiv (Ukraine) and graduated in 2012 from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Art.

In 2009 he founded and curated the TEC – creative exposition centre in Kharkiv.
In 2013 he co-founded the Shukhliada exhibition environment – a virtual art space, platform to support independent art project and integrate them with the latest technologies.
Participant in the Venice Biennale (Ukrainian Pavilion, 2017), transmediale Vorspiel festival (2018).

The Laureate of the Malevich Award 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine.


EXTER is a long-term programme of the Ukrainian Institute aimed at building sustainable partnerships with international art residencies. The programme aims to spark research, processes of exchange and facilitate cooperation of artists, curators and other actors in the sector. EXTER programme involves designing and creating opportunities for international mobility of people, ideas, experience, and practices.