Reach Scotland Residencies Now Open for Application until 26 November 2023

Reach Scotland Residencies
Deadline for applications: 26 November 2023 @ 5.00 pm

Our Reach Scotland Residency Programme 2024 is open to all applicants. The Programme is particularly designed for artists who are working on a funded project which requires either the production of final work or a concerted period of research and development. This is a self-funded residency, but the cost is subsidised.

The residencies can take place between May and August 2024.

REACH Scotland Residencies can be 2 – 6 weeks but longer residencies can be arranged through discussion with our staff team.

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s Reach Scotland Programme is tailored around artists who are working on a funded project which requires either the production of final work or a concerted period of research and development.

The Reach Scotland programme allows artists to access our spaces and facilities at a time and for a period suitable to them.  Artists are encouraged to connect with our studio community, will benefit from 24 hour access to a studio and have the opportunity for training and skills development in our specialist workshops which include wood, metal, metal foundry and ceramics.

Reach Scotland Residencies include studio, accommodation, access to workspaces and training, all offered at a subsidised cost and at a time that it is needed for each individual artist’s project.

To Apply

Please email one complete pdf with the following information to as follows

  • Your contact details and information about dates preferences.
  • A short bio (80-100 words maximum).
  • A brief statement (500 words maximum) explaining why a Reach Scotland Residency would benefit the development of your practice and what you would like to do. If there is any specific workshop equipment you would like to use during the residency or any training that would be beneficial, please include details in this statement.
  • Your CV (1-2 pages maximum).
  • Up to 8 images. For moving image/audio work, you can provide links to work online and your website within this PDF document.
  • Title of PDF should be YourName_ESWReach2024.pdf

ESW is well equipped, in terms of the studio and workshop facilities, for working on large projects and gaining new skills and the artist can become part of a supportive and sociable environment here. There is excellent expertise within our team which can help with project planning and testing techniques but we also have a larger network of skilled artists, technicians and specialist suppliers if other advice or assistance is needed.

In the past we have hosted artists who have a specific project to make for a commission or exhibition; and artists working through academic research within their practice. We haven’t so far hosted duos or groups but are open to discussing this as we know the facilities here could work well for a collaborative project. The Reach Scotland Residencies have been running since 2012 when we moved into our new building.


Includes Studio Space / Accommodation / Workshop Session Fees / Inductions:

£240 per week

Training: £20 per hour

Machine use, kiln costs and foundry costs are not included.

All prices include VAT at the current rate The cost of £960 for 4 weeks represents a subsidised cost for living and working here at ESW and we can provide information to support funding applications if you are building the components of a future project.

After reading the information on our Residency and Workspaces pages please get in touch if you have further questions by phoning or emailing Dan Brown

We welcome applications from everyone, including people who are not well represented within the arts or at ESW. We positively encourage applications from minority backgrounds including:  

  • Black, Asian and People of colour 
  • Disabled people including people with mental health issues or long-term health conditions or chronic illness or learning disabled  
  • LGBTQIA+  
  • Unemployed/low waged
  • People from lower socio-economic backgrounds  


Above Left: Metal Workshop

Above Right: Metal Foundry

Below Left: Wood Workshop

Below Right: Ceramic Studio