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Ceramics Workshop

The Ceramics Workshop has a large worktable and two side benches, suitable for working on hand building and sculpting with ceramics, and small amounts of drying space.  Our space is not suitable for production pottery.

Important note: the Ceramics Workshop is closed from 9 to 20 January, with Workshop Inductions available from 14 February 2024, to allow the Technical Team to focus on essential maintenance in January.

The kilns are for firing work made at ESW.


An Induction is required for working in this space, arranged at the start of your first Session. Please add ‘INDUCTION’ in the notes when booking and email to advise. Induction takes around 15 minutes.


Kilns are only available to ESW Members.

We have 2 larger kilns (Blue and Green) and one smaller Test Kiln.

Kilns are managed and booked by the Technical Team. Members are not able to operate the kilns directly but can be involved in loading their work.

All bookings are entered into a central calendar and are subject to availability. The kilns are often busy so please book in advance but as a guide the Test Kiln firings take 2 days and start on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and the Blue and Green Kilns generally start on a Tuesday and Friday.

Please book, either in person with the Technical Team or by emailing with ‘KILN BOOKING ENQUIRY’ in subject line (please include your phone number and details of the firing needed).

Firings can be shared by up to 4 users.

Kiln charges: £2.50 per day plus 30p per electrical unit used.

If you have a big project or important deadline coming up, please get in touch to discuss in advance so we can plan ahead.

Please read our Kiln Use Terms and Conditions here and agree to them during the Ceramics Workshop Induction.

The Ceramics Workshop is located in the same room but separated from the Plaster Workshop.

Considering joining as a Member? We encourage you to arrange to visit to see the facilities in advance so that you can see what’s possible here and discuss your plans.

Join to become a Member here.

Before booking, you’ll need a Building Induction – phone 0131 551 4490 or email for more details.

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Please pick a date from the Booking Calendar


There are three kilns available, for use by Members only.
Kiln dimensions:

Green Kiln:
L: 45.5 cm
W: 38 cm

H 55.5 cm

Blue Kiln:
L: 77 cm
W: 45.5 cm

H: 77.5 cm

Test Kiln:
Diameter: 33cm
H: 35 cm