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Clay Exploration with Kjersti Sletteland

Dates Wednesday 13 September & Wednesday 27 September 
Time 10am – 1pm 
Price £100 (£90)

In this short course we will take an experimental approach to working with different clays and slips to encourage outcomes like cracks, warping and explosions- things we are often told to avoid when working with ceramics. Practising creative rule breaking we will get unexpected original results that can be manipulated into interesting shapes and textures. 

This course is suitable for both beginners and people who have worked with clay but perhaps not explored this side of it. 



When learning ceramics you are often told what to avoid and not to do as the outcome can result in cracks, warping and explosions. In this course we will be looking at technically “wrong” ways to work with ceramics. By taking an experimental approach we will provoke some of these accidents.   The course will introduce different ceramic materials that can be combined in unusual ways, as well as materials that aren’t often used together. 

Through the course you will:  

  • Combine and explore different types of materials such as hard, fluid clay or clays with contrasting consistencies.  
  • Produce a number of small-scale objects or sculptures that will be bisque fired. 
  • In the second workshop you will glaze and add other materials to the pieces. There will also be the opportunity to make some new pieces that will all go into a high fired glaze kiln.  

All sculptures produced will remain at ESW and be fired as a group at the end of the course and can be collected the week after the course.  

Kjersti Sletteland is an artist who works with ceramics and other sculpture materials. She holds an MFA in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art and has exhibited internationally. Latest projects include Craft Scotland residency Making History, a commissioned porcelain installation at the Royal Hospital for Children in Edinburgh and a public commission wall mural in Lærdal, Norway. 

Courses are subject to minimum enrolment, so please book as soon as possible, to reduce the likelihood of course cancellation. 

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