Birthe Jorgensen

We are more than happy to welcome Birthe Jorgensen to ESW as part of the Scotland – Argentina Residency that has been supported by the British Council and been curated and hosted by La Ira De Dios (Argentina) and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (Scotland).

Jorgensen’s work intertwines disparate narratives, places and timeframes, her installations are often poly vocal, speaking to themes of geographical displacement, entanglement, feminism and environmentalism.


Birthe Jorgensen (born Copenhagen, DK) lives in Glasgow, Jorgensen has a background in interdisciplinary theatre (London, 2005-11), and holds an MLitt Sculpture degree from the Glasgow School of Art. Exhibitions and performances include The Reid Gallery, (w. Sogol Mabadi, Glasgow UK), The Hunterian Art Gallery (Glasgow UK), Man & Eve Gallery, London, UK). M3 Kunsthalle (Berlin DE), Glasgow international (Glagsow, UK) and Tate Modern (London, UK). Research trips / residencies include Sisimuit & Kangerlusuaq, (West Greenland, DK), Danish Institute in Athens (Athens, GR), Billy Town (The Hague, NL), Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network, University of Glasgow (UK).