Hannah Lees

19 March – 27 April 2016

Hannah Lees is the forth Micro Resident this year. Her work investigates ideas of cycles: constancy and mortality; the sense that things come to an end and the potential for new beginnings. This constancy, be it in religion, science, history or in organic matter, is visible in her practice through her attempts to make sense of and recognise traces of life.

Through appreciating this, her work is focused towards an understanding of the essential nature of the materials she uses. Her practice encompasses painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, textiles, ceramics, internet art, performance, writing, sound and video.

Hannah Lees is an artist based in London. She graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art, UCCA, Canterbury in 2006 and gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, London in 2011

Recent exhibitions from 2016 include: Cuts, Shapes, Scrapes and Breaks, Seventeen gallery, London, UK, curated by Rhys Coren & Gabriel Hartley; Safety Deposit Box, Lock Up International, Frankfurt, DE; Uncommon Chemistry, Observer Bld, Hastings, UK, 2016; Let us go then, you and I, Nomadic Vitrine, Grand Union, Birmingham, UK, curated by Recent Activity; Jumanji, Soft Focus Institute, Ghent, BE and Is this living?, The Approach, London, UK, curated by Jack Lavender and Hannah Lees.  In 2014 OPEN YOUR KIMONO commissioned the website www.thisisthepath.com.

Artist website: www.hannahlees.com

Micro Residencies

The Micro Residency programme is an annual open-submission residency opportunity for artists. It is primarily research based and is set up to foster experimentation, innovation and to support artists in the development of new work. Four six-week residencies are selected by a panel of invited arts professionals.

The selectors for this year are: Stacy Boldrick (Curator of Research at the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh), Paul Pieroni (Curator at SPACE, London) and Kate Davis (artist).

Selected artists receive:

  • £1000 stipend
  • Studio
  • Accommodation
  • Support from the technical team
  • Support from the programme team
  • Access to all workshops / equipment / available spaces
  • 1 year’s Membership of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop