Ivana Pavlíčková: Funded Resident

We are delighted to welcome Ivana Pavlíčková to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop for her Funded Residency which was postponed by the pandemic. Ivana will be in residence at ESW producing new work for the next 6 weeks.

Ivana Pavlíčková’s work straddles the overlap between two seemingly opposite artistic worlds. On the one hand, she works through the physical and implicitly material medium of ceramics, and on the other, she develops a virtual world in 3D computer graphics. Much like in today’s world, however, these two levels constantly overlap, for example in our use of touch screen interfaces. Her work thus incessantly leaks between a sensuous specificity of 

the object, and its illusory nature. (txt. Viktor Čech) 


She has graduated Sculpture at Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno, Czech republic, 2017 and currently lives and works in Dresden and Cologne, Germany.