Rachel Adams

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop welcomes Rachel Adams, the first Micro Resident of 2014.

Rachel Adam’s work explores the relationship between science fiction, sculptural forms and decorative craft techniques, questioning the historical and cultural value of materials.
For the presentation, during her Micro Residency at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, she will discuss her work, which combines craft techniques including macramé with contemporary commercial techniques such as laser cutting and vinyl printing.

Her talk will focus on her longstanding interest in the 1960s and 70s and how our increasingly nostalgic, engagement with new age values relate to an anachronistic Utopian past vision of the future.
Rachel will suggest that contemporary attitudes towards exercise and digital customization could be seen to reflect ideas of self-expression and creativity originating in the New Age philosophies and DIY craft culture in the 1970s.

Rachel Adams Biography
Rachel Adams (b.1985, Newcastle upon Tyne, lives and works in Glasgow) graduated with Fine Art MA from University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art in 2009. Recent exhibitions include: Space-Craft, Tramway, Glasgow 2013, Posturing, part of the Sculpture Show, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, 2012; Refurnished, Galerie De Expeditie, Amsterdam; 2012; Cut From Whole Cloth, domobaal, London, 2011; Marble Mouthed, The Duchy, Glasgow, 2011.