Santiago Poggio

We are delighted to welcome Argentinian artist Santiago Poggio to ESW as part of the Scotland – Argentina Residency that has been supported by the British Council and been curated and hosted by La Ira De Dios (Argentina) and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (Scotland).

Santiago’s work deals with the poetic mechanisms with which the history of the world is constructed and the adulterated structuring of the past through systems


Santiago Poggio (b.1979, Argentina) Recent exhibitions include; “Doblajes”, Museo de Arte Emilio Petorutti (La Plata, Argentina, 2017) “A leitura submissa”, Oscar Cruz Galeria (San Pablo, Brazil, 2014) “No one can write a book”, Mohs Exhibit (Copenhague, Denmark, 2013) “Moloch”, Artis Gallery (Córdoba, AR, 2013) “Some Golden Age”, MEC Emilio Caraffa Museum, (Córdoba, AR, 2013) “Lost time in search”, 2nd Biennial of Art and Culture (La Plata, AR, 2012)