Sebastian Thomas: Reach Scotland Resident

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is delighted to announce that our Residency Programme will be restarting in October 2020.

The first of our new residents will be Sebastian Thomas. Sebastian will be here for four weeks to develop his casting and ceramic skills and to produce new sculptural work using these processes and materials.

Sebastian Thomas was born and lives in Reading, UK. He studied Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University and recently completed his MA in Fine Art Printmaking at Camberwell College of Art. His practice spans sculpture, print, installation and film, central to which are the processes of collage and assemblage and is concerned with the fevered relationship between the fiction consumed by the mind and the corporeal landscape. He’s particularly interested in how it creates a breeding ground for semi-fictional objects, places and protagonists, setting the stage for a retelling where reality and story merge. This is a place in the margins, where things move in another direction, born out of the detritus of human activity on earth, the left overs, of cuts, rubbish begins to mean something, taken out of context and imbued with a new sense of purpose.

For more information about Sebastian’s work click here

Image top: Cave World, S. Thomas, Lithographic, silkscreen & digital print, paper collage, coloured pencil & black MDF, 2019

Image below left: Witt, S. Thomas, Plaster, foam, pva, cardboard, paper, emulsion, acrylic paint, timber, ink, mild steel, 2019

Image below right: Widders Dump, S. Thomas, Photocopy transfer, lithograph, silkscreen, paper collage, coloured pencil, 2019

Photo credits: Tim Bowditch


Sculptural elements on floor against white painted brick wall. Painted foam object leans into an open wooden plinth with a tall black with white speckled sculpture sitting on top
Work on paper showing a white mound with objects and elements sticking out on a grey coloured background, identifiable elements include: a tuft of grass and a wooden stump