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To Support Artistic Practice

Specialist Facilities, Workshops, Service Providers
Scotland’s Workshops
Beltane Studios
Black Isle Bronze
Castle Fine Arts Bronze
DCA Print Studio
Edinburgh Laser Cutting Studio
Edinburgh Printmakers
Flux Laser Studio
Glasgow Print Studio
Glasgow Sculpture Studios
Highland Print Studio
J.Sailer Fabrications
North Lands Creative
Old School Fabrications
Outer Spaces
Peacock Visual Arts
Powderhall Bronze
Rocheid Stone Masonry
Scottish Sculpture Workshop

NEW – Sculpture Placement Group: Store your artwork and materials for free through Sculpture Placement Group! … and Outer Spaces has developed a partnership with SPG which aims to extend the shelf-life of artwork, bring it out of storage and show it to new audiences. We will store artworks (or related materials) in the back areas of vacant retail stores. In available windows, we will display 3D artworks, for passing shoppers to view from the precinct (this is optional). Viewing will be through the window only.

Street Level Photoworks

Photographers with Experience of Documenting Art
Peter Dibdin
Sam Finch
Ross McLean

NEW – Olive + Maeve: Instagram: @olivemaeve, Email
Examples of recent documentation work:,

Douglas Robertson Photography
Erika Stevenson
Shannon Tofts

Organisations which can support your practice:

Organisations offering Regular Awards, Opportunities and Funding
British Council
Cove Park
City of Edinburgh Council Culture Team
Creative Scotland
Public Art (Ireland)
Royal Scottish Academy
Royal Society of Sculptors
University of Edinburgh / ECA
Visual Arts and Craft Makers Awards

Professional Organisations offering Annual Exhibiting Opportunities
Society of Scottish Artists
Visual Arts Scotland
Paisley Art Institute
Royal Scottish Academy

Websites showing compilations of Forthcoming Opportunities
Art Rabbit
Creative Scotland
Curator Space
Rivet (residencies)
Voluntary Arts Network

Business Advice, Support, Professional Development and Training
CEC Culture Team
Cultural Enterprise Office
Creativity Portal
Public Art Online
Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
Visiting Arts