A Billboard for Newhaven

You Are What you Eat, Andrew Kinghorn, 2021

Our Billboard for Newhaven project continues it comestible theme with this month’s offering  You Are What you Eat by Andrew Kinghorn.

“Old man running downhill”

But what you want is probably more akin to.

Andrew Kinghorn graduated in Sculpture from Chelsea College of Art in 1974. He has spent the time since, sculpting, designing books, offices, furniture and restoring listed building both in Australia and the UK. During the last fifteen years he has been a full time sculptor. He works mostly in stainless steel and bronze.

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Over the next 12 months this project will share the work of 14 Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop members with our local community as the poster hoardings at the top of Hawthornvale become a way to connect the artists who work here with the people who live here.

 Eccentric Limb, (Plaster and Sprinkles), Andrew Gannon, 2021.

Over the last 18 months, motivated by a decision to pull at a thread of ableism within art practice, Gannon’s work has focused on the visibility of and social stigmas around disability, specifically his own congenital limb difference.

Eccentric Limbs, is a recent series of works that typically comprise a plaster cast of the artist’s limb difference, mirroring the medical process of making a prosthesis, which is then built up, incorporating another object or material to make something that might approximate or exaggerate an “arm.”

Simply inverting common assumptions these Limbs take their starting point from the question – what is a prosthesis if it is neither functional nor cosmetic?

Often playful and hastily made these objects use limb absence as site. Wearable sculptures, they have a relationship with performance, each set of Limbs lending itself to different movements or actions. As objects they refer to a body in absence, made to be worn they invite participation but for most exclude it.

Andrew Gannon, b. 1980, Lives and works in Edinburgh and has been a studio holder at ESW since 2015. Previous exhibitions include Stand Up!, Centre Pompidou, Paris, (2015) No Reading No Cry! Museum of the City of Skopje, Macedonia, (2015) and Slight Works, part of Open Out, The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 2018.

Previous artists.

Here and Now, Brian Samwell, 2019

Brian Samwell came late to making art.  After almost failing his O level, he re-discovered art 50 years later through stone carving at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, and mimicking Andy Goldsworthy’s use of natural materials in the Border hills. In 2016 he retired after 30 years of nursing, to focus on art.  Subsequent courses in Foundation then Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College revealed a world of possibilities in figurative, abstract and conceptual art.

He makes sculpture in stone, steel, found objects, and images, using photography, pastel and paint. He particularly enjoys discovering the sculptural potential in the mundane and discarded. His work art is driven by social concern, and a need to explore the fragile personal, social and physical worlds we inhabit. The works are often off-kilter and playful yet always strive for an emotional connection.

Brian is based  in Peebles in the Scottish Borders.

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