Alexia Laférte-Coutu: Work In Progress Event

Alexia Laferte-Coutu – Work in Progress

24 November 6-8 pm

Creative Labs

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is delighted to invite you to a presentation of work in progress made by our current resident Alexia Laferté-Coutu.

Since her arrival at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop Laferté-Coutu has been documenting and researching St Bernard’s and St Margaret’s Wells, historic sites of healing, in Edinburgh. Using her ongoing process of taking imprints in clay from particular sites, she has been making moulds of details of the wells’ architecture.

This ambitious project is still in the development stage and Laferté-Coutu will continue to make casts from the moulds made in Edinburgh when she returns to Montréal where she plans to assemble these fragments to create large-scale bronze sculptures.

This event is a chance to become familiar with her process and to see her work in this transitional state between conception and realisation, where a multiplicity of meanings and forms exist rather than the singularity of an organic totality.

You can find out more about Laferté-Coutu’s residency here