Artist’s Talk: Gallery Malmo

Gallery Malmo Talk

Thursday 26 November 2020, 6.00 – 7.00pm

Zoom, register in advance with this link:

Join us to hear Gallery Malmo talk about their current installation at ESW, Bildungsroman, their wider collaborative practice, and their curatorial work at Gallery Malmo, their exhibition space in Muirhouse, Edinburgh.

Gallery Malmo is an ongoing collaboration between artists, Theo Christy and Gregor Horne.

You can see their latest installation, Bildungsroman, in Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s Hawthornavale Space until 29 November 2020.

click here for more images of their work.

Bildungsroman is an environment inspired by the marginal and often subversive activity of less frequented, although still public spaces, of the urban cycle paths, and the digital backwaters of the blogosphere.

Founded in 2018, Gallery Malmo is an artists’ collective that consists of Theo Christie and Gregor Horne. They run various projects and exhibitions from their space in Muirhouse, Edinburgh, and are currently looking for new ‘collaborators’.