Ceramic Sculpture Bursary Cohort

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is excited to announce that Donata Kiaunytė, Khadea Kuchenmeister and Paul McAuley are the three artists that have been selected for our new Ceramic Sculpture Bursary Programme

Led by Ceramic artist and Studio Holder Charlotte Barker, the Ceramic Sculpture Bursaries  have been set up to support a cohort of artists in the development of their their skills in ceramic material processes and techniques, to enable them to push  the boundaries of their individual practices and the potential of contemporary ceramics.

The artists have been selected by Studio Holders Charlotte Barker, Kjersti Sletteland and ESW team members Debi Banerjee and Ash Lim.

Artist and Technician Ash Lim will also join the cohort over the 16 week programme.

The cohort started working together virtually this month and will begin to access the facilities at ESW when it is feasible within the pandemic conditions.


Donata Kiaunytė

Kiaunytė was born in Lithuania and graduated from ECA with BA (Hons) of Fine Arts (Sculpture) in 2013. Since then she has worked on illustration commissions, personal projects, ceramics and as a tattoo artist. Her focus has been on human connection with nature, the universe and the self; communicating emotional states through metaphorical use of human body and themes of femininity, birth, transformation and Jungian ideas of collective unconscious.

Khadea Kuchenmeister

Kuchenmeister is an artist based in Edinburgh, exploring histories and storytelling through the use of collectivity, as a way to encourage space for self-exploration. Her recent work engages with people from the African diaspora to explore food auto-ethnography to locate the knowledges within bodies and relationships to acknowledge other forms of being within contemporary practice.

Paul McAuley

McAuley’s working life has been in the conservation of museum artefacts, restoring and displaying objects created by others. During this time he has conserved and curated Public Art, such as the Twelve Monuments restoration project; facilitated access to monuments for the Edinburgh Art Festival and curated the exhibition, Monumental Edinburgh, City Art Centre, 2004. He is now putting his practical science, art and technology skills into a more experimental and creative practice.


Images: Paul McAuley, work in progress image from application to Ceramic Sculpture Bursary (below left) and Khadea Kuchenmeister, Dialogical mapping, Embodied Knowledge collective, 2020 (main image and below right). Donata Kiaunytė, Anx, installation, 2013 and Noumenon, mixed media wearable object, 2013 (base of page).

Cut paper modernist angular shapes in red and yellow paper on green background.
Two naked spaced people back to back with a large, red curving head piece connecting them
Floor based sculpture with tendril shaped limbs and clothing.