ESW/ECA Graduate Residents 2021

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is excited to announce that the artists selected to be our 2021 Graduate Residents are Nick Jüsi, Cal McCormack, Victoria Smith and Ella Wragg.

They will be in residence at ESW for three months, developing new work, Residents are provided with ongoing technical, curatorial support and mentorship from the ESW team and will have access to ESW’s production faculties and training to help them develop new skills. There will be opportunities for them to connect with the ESW membership and Edinburgh’s community of artists to enable them to develop their networks and establish their career.

The Residents will begin the Residency Programme as soon as current Scottish Government COVID guidelines are relaxed enough to enable this.

This year Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Edinburgh College of Art have come together to create four Graduate Residency awards for the 2020 ECA Graduates whose final year of study was disrupted by the COVID pandemic. The motivation for this is to create a more expansive, social and democratic outcome for the class of 2020 allowing wider access to studios, other artists, support networks as well as facilities and training. ESW realise that the economic situation around COVID-19 is particularly complex and have taken this into account when designing the Graduate Residency opportunity this year.


Nick Jüsi

Nick Jüsi, originally from Zürich, is a recent Edinburgh College of Art Intermedia graduate currently based in Edinburgh. His practice is concerned with questions around the autonomy of art; reconfiguring its borders in relation to its institutional contexts and the wider notion of creative economy. 

Cal McCormack

Cal McCormack currently lives and works on the Isle of Mull. He studied in the sculpture department of Edinburgh College of Art. His work uses a combination of video and sculpture, to reflect on common addictive vices such as technology, alcohol and sugar. In particular, I develop an emotional inquiry into how addiction, designed by capitalism, profits from dependency, shame, and love.

Click here to see more of Cal’s work

Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith is a recent Edinburgh college of art Painting graduate from Philadelphia. She continues to live and work in Edinburgh. Her work reflects an attraction to the domestic and the decorative. Using a multidisciplinary approach, she draws on her experience and understanding of reproductive labour in relation to my personal habits, idealised social expectations, and economic imperatives.

Ella Wragg

Ella Wragg was born in Glossop. She studied at Edinburgh College of Art, leaving with a BA (Hons) in Painting. Ella Wragg currently lives and works in Edinburgh. Her work addresses notions of semiotics and expression through a multidisciplinary visual art practice, ranging from painting and sculpture, to prose. 

Click here to see more of Ella’s work.

Image Credits:

Top of page: Ella Wragg

Below left: Cal McCormack

Below right: Nick Jüsi

Lower left: Victoria Smith

Lower right: Ella Wragg



Two figures interlinked, centred on a white background, made from red noodle like material
Bread bun with interlocking folds, akin to braiding, two pearls on the uppermost fold with a sterling silver square and pearls at the centre of the bun