Johnathan Elders: Hibernation

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is delighted to present Hibernation, a new installation by Johnathan Elders commissioned for the Hawthornvale Space.

In our alternative Christmas window two foxes huddle together for warmth in their den, dreaming of Spring, while outside the landscape is held in the winter’s icy grip.

Johnathan Elder’s new commission Hibernation weaves together many of our contemporary concerns to create a work that proposes a blueprint for survival in the midst of external threats. Obliquely addressing current issues of physical contact with others and the social isolation of families against a background of increasing environmental hostility he uses a synthesis of natural materials and recycled digital hardware to create a scene that is at first unsettling but ultimately reassuring. Things look bleak just now but we know that Spring will come, the land will thaw and life will wake up. A  particularly poignant thought this winter.

The Exhibition runs 18 December – 14 March and can be viewed from Hawthornvale.

Jonathan Elders is an artist based in Newhaven, Edinburgh. He graduated from Grays School of Art with Degree in 3D Design and his work is  primarily concerned with the intertwining nature of the relationships between our ability to understand our world, our ability to re-interpret it to suit our assumed needs and the resulting impact.
Previous exhibitions include: Temple of Light, 2019The Lighthouse, Glasgow, Glasgow Science Festival; E-waste shark (Betty), 2019, The Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Science Festival;  The Laser Garden Our Dynamic Earth, as part of IOPS Festival of Physics October 2018

You can find out more about The Laser Garden project here