Kirsten Millar, REACH Scotland Resident

We are delighted to welcome Kirsten Millar to ESW for her REACH Scotland Residency. Kirsten will be in residence 1 -15 March developing new work.

Kirsten Millar has a MA in Contemporary Art Practice, which she graduated with Distinction at Edinburgh College of Art in 2021. In 2018 she was awarded by Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries. Kirsten exhibited in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, and New York

Her work is an enquiry into the Scottish landscape, connecting the archaeological and industrial by looking at the varied and forgotten legacies, tales, and manipulations of the environment. It deconstructs conventional images of the Scottish landscape, often romanticised as wild, untouched, and separate from modernity and human influence, by eroding the binary categorisation of nature and technology. Kirsten uses visual art, archival materials, and sound to interrogate how layers of history and identity in the landscape are told through natural objects and man-made interventions.

Kirsten has been in contact with ESW and enquired about using disused materials, such as slag and charcoal. The slag has been gathered with permission from Historic Environment Scotland and tests have been carried out on this material to ensure there are no traces of toxins within the slag. Access to skilled ESW technicians and equipment to work with would allow Kirsten to use her gathered materials in sculptural work.

Find more about Kirsten’s interesting work here

Image credit Kirsten Millar, Landscapes of Infrastructure, courtesy the artist