Member’s Opportunity: Call for Proposals for the Hawthornvale Space

Members are invited to propose an installation of new work for our Hawthornvale Space.

There are two presentation slots December 2020 – February 2021 and March – April 2020.

ESW members are invited to make proposals to present ideas for either new solo or collaborative installations. Please note the person who makes the proposal must hold and active ESW Membership. 

For more information about becoming a member click here

The deadline for proposals is 5pm, Friday 30 October 2020. 

When you make a proposal please bear in mind:

that any presentation is intended to be viewed from the street the audience cannot enter the space during the exhibition

the space is approx. 625cm (wide) x 284cm (deep) x 215cm (height)

the walls are made of plasterboard and the floor concrete 

ESW will provide:

A budget of £500 is available to support the production of the work 

One day of technical support for installation

A clean and presentable space prior to installation, which should be returned in the same way after the de-install

Wine for an opening celebration

Vinyl Lettering noting: Exhibition Title; Artist Names and a short description of the project

Marketing and promotional support


Your proposal should be a maximum of two sides of A4, and should include:

Project Title – this can be provisional                                                                                                                                                

List of Artist(s)  

Short Bio for each artist – 50 words                                                                                                                                               

Short Description – 250 words describing the idea behind the presentation.                                                                           

Main Contact Info – noting email and telephone details                                                                                                                   

Timing: Do you prefer:  December 2020 – February 2021 or March – April 2020 or don’t mind.

Supporting Images – please supply up to eight relevant images, with work details, in a single PDF.

Deadline:  5pm, Friday 30 October 2020

Email: Daniel Brown  with proposals or if you have any questions before you submit your application.


Hero Image – thinking like a mountain, detail, Giulia Gentili, Eleanor McCullogh

top – Bildungsroman, Gallery Malmo

below left – thinking like a mountain, Giulia Gentili, Eleanor McCullough

below right – Display Copy, Jack Cheetham, Joe Etchell, Kate Ive, Ashleen Lewis, Eleanor McCullough, Kjersti Sletteland, Sam Stead.


Street level view of an installation, composed of two paper mache silver birch tree trunks are surrounded by rubber tyres, motorcycles, leaves and dirt. Alternate sizes of text are painted in green on the white walls and ceiling, excerpts include: Atelier, Scotland, Economy, Devolution, Curate, Art, Craft, Resources, Learning, Peer, AiR, Glasgow, Glasgow Miracle, Manchester, futurity, medievalism. There are two large cv's on the left windows
Street view into an exhibition of work by course tutors; floor, plinth and wall-based work