Suzanne Anthony: Reimagined Landscapes

Reimagined Landscapes: Suzanne Anthony

Runs 16 April – 20 June

The current exhibition in our Hawthornvale Space is Suzanne Anthony’s installation Reimagined Landscapes.  

This new work examines our changed physical and emotional relationship to our shared environment as a result of the pandemic. 

The ordinary outside world has fallen into sharp focus as we are denied previous freedoms; the everyday urban environment has become both increasingly attractive as a symbol of normality and a growing place of fear for many. 

Transforming typically overlooked elements of the built environment into sculptural forms that are at once, familiar, and abstract, mundane, and fantastical, bodily, and inanimate, this new work records our altered relationship with the everyday environment.  

Suzanne Anthony is an artist whose work focuses on the notion of playful, intuitive making by taking unwanted materials and giving them new life, to create a sense of joy and curiosity in otherwise discarded products. 

To see more of Suzanne Anthony’s work click here

This work was made possible by support from the Royal Scottish Academy 

Thank you to Bare Branding for supporting this project.