Voicing the Archive MAP

4 April – 30 November 2017
Monday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm

A series of readings and recordings from the MAP archive, presented by MAP guest editors Suzanne van der Lingen & Claire Walsh as part of Footnoting the Archive, 2016.

The first instalment consists of the following recordings:

Mason Leaver-Yap
‘BS Johnson: Language to be looked at’ 2010 / 15:41

Stephanie Mann
‘A conglomerate of voices rise up like hidden steam’ 2016 / 2:52

Kate Zambreno
‘Heroines'(extract) ‘Sick Sick Sick’ 2013 / 2:57

Joanna Peace
‘Lover of Rock’

Mick Peter
‘Texts About Tripping Over’

Virginia Hutchison
‘Object 8: The Rock’

Neil Cooper
‘Muscles of Joy: No-one’s Little Girls Shouting Out Loud’