Iron: Origins and Destinations Casting Workshop

Gordon Munro, Ewan Robertson and artist Kate Ive will run a hands-on casting project enabling participants to cast an object into iron. The workshop will allow participants to learn about the resin sand casting mould making process for iron and experience an iron pour at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.

IRON Casting Workshop Proposal Form

The workshops will take place at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

Sunday 7th May 2017, Mould making  11am-5pm
Participants should bring a range of objects to discuss their suitability. Objects will be also provided for participants to use if necessary

Saturday 13th May          Mould making 11am -5pm

Saturday 20th May          Iron pour 11am -5pm

Sunday 21st   May          Tidy up objects  11am -5pm

The workshop will show participants how to cast an object equivalent volume to an orange using the resin bonded sand. The object should be robust and have no undercuts so one half can be eased from a hard sand mould.

The workshop is free of charge however there are limited places and to enable a mix of participants we are asking for proposals stating applicants interest in the project or process. No previous knowledge of casting is required and professionals and interested persons without art backgrounds are welcomed.

Proposals Required*

IRON Casting Workshop Proposal Form

Please complete and return form to Assistant Director Gordon Munro,

Iron: Origins and Destinations Symposium