TANK Mairi Lafferty


TANK is a year-long programme of exhibitions and events in our street front gallery space which have been organised as part of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s Access & Engagement strategy.

KISS THE SHUTTLE is a new installation that explores the gothic undertones of industrialisation though pattern code and gesture.

Over the two weeks the installation will be reconfigured in reflection of a violent and somatic narrative. As these changes to the installation record this disruption and re-appropriation, the window will act as a lens – the only way through which the increasingly debased scene can be viewed.

TANK is a new gallery space run by members at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Over the next few months there will be a series of exhibitions selected and curated by Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s Members.

TANK aims to create an interesting experience for anyone who takes a moment to view the work and to provide a window on what happens at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. We encourage you to come inside, find out more and share some thoughts. Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is an organisation that is accessible to everyone, from professional artists developing their careers to anyone interested in learning more about contemporary sculpture.