Neukölln Exports Lena von Gödeke, Andy Holtin and Tobias Sternberg

28 October – 2 November 2016
Monday – Saturday, 11:00am – 5:00pm

As part of an exchange with HilbertRaum gallery, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is pleased to welcome three Berlin based artists. All are members of HilbertRaum, an independent and artist-run space located in the art-vibrant neighbourhood Neukölln. Though having very distinct practices, these artists find overlap in a connection to object and material that defines a strong sense of the physical world.

Lena von Gödeke’s work creates a cosmos of patterns and schemes, structures and models which are translated in aesthetical processes visualized by fragile paper cuts and sculptures.

Andy Holtin uses technological systems to create performative objects and interactive installations, incorporating an exploratory range of materials and processes.

Tobias Sternberg is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose prolific output spans installation, sculpture, video, collage, and performance, approached from the dual perspectives of a sculptor and a storyteller.

Lena von Gödeke’s Website

Andy Holtin’s Website

Tobais Sternberg’s Website