air leaking through: Feronia Wennborg

air leaking through by Feronia Wennborg is a polyvocal sound installation inhabiting the Beacon Tower and vibrating with its near surroundings. The building is reconsidered as a portal between public, domestic and imaginary space, a site for listening and drifting.

The Beacon Tower
21 January – 13 March 2022
Audio Track loops daily 10.00 – 17.00

The piece was developed through an instructional score, designed in collaboration with Céline Amendola. The score explores ways of navigating familiar environments through activities of listening, touching and vocalising. It was activated by the artist and collaborators Adriana Minu, Clarinda Tse and Alica Tserkovnaja at different times in their homes. Recordings made in this process have been edited, merged and digitally transformed into a sonic landscape mingling with the environmental sounds of the exhibition site.


Feronia Wennborg is an artist, musician and arts programmer based in Glasgow. Her work is based in a process of recording and digital transformation, collecting traces of intimacy and friendship. Feronia often works in close collaboration with others, exploring the social and reimaginative possibilities embedded in practises of listening and sounding.

You can find out more about Feronia’s work here

Adriana Minu is an experimental sound/music maker that has set camp in the world of the senses. In her artistic research and practice she investigates how elements of our lived experience that precede language can be collected and used in creative ways. She likes collaborating with human and non-human entities whose sensory potential she attunes to using her body and voice.

You can find out more about Adriana’s work here 

Clarinda Tse is an interdisciplinary artist, listener, facilitator, movement practitioner, Hong Kong-born and Glasgow-based. She works across being a sofa barnacle and a mutating muscle and is currently a committee member of Market Gallery, Glasgow.

You can find out more about Clarinda’s work here

Alica Tserkovnaja explores the current states of the body and it’s needs through a movement and listening based practice. She follows desires to move or to be moved, vocalizing what is or what is to be found. Through this improvisational practice Alica develops choreographic work as an artist and performer.

You can find out more about Alica’s work here

Céline Amendola is a Glasgow based artist whose work explores the potential of art to critique our interpretative habits. The use of varied techniques and media relating to cultures of craft reoccur in her practice to interrogate their cultural and historical background.

You can find out more about Celine’s work here