When All is Dust: Alliyah Enyo, Niamh Hughes and Lorenzo Rangoni-Robertson

When All is Dust presents new work from three exciting young artists, Alliyah Enyo, Niamh Hughes and Lorenzo Rangoni Robertson.

Opening Event 20 January 7-9

Performances from 7.30

Exhibition Open 21 – 22 January 11 – 5

The work in this exhibition represents the culmination of 9 months of research, production and learning undertaken by the artists who have been the recipients of ESW’s Youth Bursary Award.

The cohort have been based at their studio in ESW and have benefitted from a  programme of nurture, training and support designed to help them establish their artistic career. The programme has run for 9 months and has been designed to help them to develop their skills,  their ideas and to connect with a community of fellow artists and arts professionals.

You can find out more about the Youth Bursary here.

Alliyah Enyo

Underwater Archaeology *fallen futures past*
Unearthed *before the sound*

Alliyah’s installation and performance explores deep oceanic archaeological dig sites, while questioning it’s time frame she asks is this site past or is it future?  The work is enveloped by myth and allegory to encompass anxieties surrounding global warming and personal experiences of surreal dreams and visions. Embodying matter itself Alliyah cascades her movement across the seabed, discovering and deciphering what is this distilled moment, what are these strange ceramic caves and figures? A choir of cadences echoes through the beacon tower, accompanying this strange gravity that pulls Alliyah towards the centre of these abstract plasma-cut steel floor works (as if she dances upon a leaking tectonic plate). Is this the source of this strange sense in time? Is the song the beginning of time itself?
*Creation myth- go back to the beginning, to fix time we must use the language of songs, of cadence. Songs are forever happening, cadence infinitely happens around us, the first songs, the first sound, the big bang of cadence. She incants with movement and sound to reignite the first songs, find the beginning, begin again, connect the loop back to the beginning, full circle to create new circle, new beginning, all to heal the times*

Niamh Hughes is an Irish visual artist and maker, currently based in Edinburgh. Having a flair for the interdisciplinary, Hughes has worked with painting, costume, moving image, paper installation and more. Material exploration is at the heart of Niamh’s practice, graduating with First Class Honours in F.A Applied Materials at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Hughes’ concepts focus on themes of self-doubt, delirium, and introspection by means of playful or mythological narratives. Projects are actualised through a variety of media to create something immersive and phantasmagorical. These artworks have ranged from 20 metre public installations to commissioned pieces crafted with minute intricacy.

Lorenzo Rangoni Robertson is an Italian-British sculptor and performer. His projects investigate themes of connection, interpretation, transformation, convergence. With a particular focus on becoming ‘other’, he merges characteristics, materials, spaces and bodies. In these moments of confluence there is mystery and endless possibility, intrigue and community.