16 November 2015 – 30 January 2016
Monday – Saturday 11am – 4pm

Opening: 14 November 2015, 6pm

Catherine Aitken and David Murphy | Elaine Allison | Concrete Antenna | Miranda Blennerhassett | Kjersti Sletteland and Tone Boska | Amy Boulton | Simon Burns-cox | Hans Clausen | Marshall – De’Ath | Sarah Dale | Jean Philippe Dordolo | Alec Finlay | Clare Flatley | Andrew Gannon | Jessica Harrison | Christine Heughan | Kate Ive | Alejandro Lopez | Stephanie Mann | Ian McPhail | John Mooney | Chris Muirhead | Despina Nissiriou | Tom Nolan and Catherine Payton | Jonathan Owen | Toby Paterson | Jack Pender | Tommy Perman | Emma Pratt | Maja Quille | Jessica Ramm | Duncan Robertson | Brodie Sim | Hanna Tuulikki | Covered In Toner | Sarah Tripp | Chloe Windsor

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop presents Workshopshop during the winter months in the street front gallery. Functioning as part-shop and part-exhibition, Workshopshop presents a range of affordable artworks and commissions from Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s studio holders, programme artists and members.

Commissioned furniture will host the multifaceted range of editions and unique works made in and around the buildings of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, covering a breadth of materials and media. Multiples in the form of vinyl records, printed editions and casts in bronze will sit alongside unique works such as glazed ceramics, carved limestone, hand thrown pots and wood carvings.

The shop aims to support artists who work at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Artists will benefit directly from all sales made.

For all sales enquiries visit us at the Workshop, phone or email.
Tel:+44 (0)131 551 4490.