Creative Laboratories

On November 20th 2014 Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop unveiled the new Creative Laboratories building. Designed by Sutherland Hussey Architects as an inspiring environment where artists can make and present work, the new facility is equipped with viewing and meeting spaces designed to bring audiences closer to the art being made on site. It features a 22.5m high triangular tower- a new addition to Edinburgh’s iconic skyline and the development of the site has resulted in a significant area of land being handed back to the public by Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop as an extension of the adjacent cycle pathway where wildflower meadows have been planted.


The building has been fully funded by the Arts Funding Prize for Edinburgh administered by Foundation Scotland by means of a £3million anonymous donation. Bob Benson, Foundation Scotland Trustee and Chair of the Judging Panel said: “The donors have let us know they could not have been more pleased with the outcome of the Arts Prize competition. On their behalf, Foundation Scotland is delighted to have funded this building, which we expect to achieve social and community benefits, not just artistic ones. Being open to the community and integrated into its neighbourhood, it will be a space for artists to work in and also a place for the public to engage in the visual arts. “